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JC – Ass Play And Muscle Worship? That’s What Friends Are For.

Female muscle porn star JC lets her BBC friend play with her ass and worship her biceps, pecs, abs, glutes, and leg muscles as she poses for him, smothering him as she masturbates and sits on his face, and giving him a hand job. Because that’s what friends are for.

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Nikki Jackson – He’s Humiliated. You Might Be Too.

Female bodybuilder Nikki Jackson makes her slave wear a strap-on on his face, smothering him and masturbating as she humiliates him and makes him worship the muscles of her pecs, legs and biceps. Watch the hand job, bicep job, ass play, and all the female muscle sex in close-up.

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Ashlee, WildKat, and Alura – Teach Him A Lesson

Don’t be late for a girl/girl/girl session with female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Ashlee Chambers, WildKat, and Amazon Alura, or you’ll be taught a lesson, with smothering, verbal humiliation, belly punching, and a muscular ass in your face, as well as all the posing, muscle worship and pecs, , legs, glutes, ,biceps, and abs you can handle

Angela Salvagno – Wicked Stepmom [2 of 2]

Ripped female bodybuilder Angela Salvagno gets muscle worship from her stepson, and gives him a calf job and foot job. After the muscle fucking, she poses for him, showing off her powerful pecs, vascular biceps, and strong abs, legs and glutes, and humiliating and smothering him and rubbing her big clit on his bald head while you watch in close-up. Add a bicep job and that’s some wicked female muscle porn sex.

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Kendra Lust – Lust For Three [3 of 3]

Female muscle porn star Kendra Lust is living up to her name, posing, smothering one man with her legs and glutes and giving him CBT and a hand job as he tongues her pussy, and giving his friend a bicep job. As one worships her muscles during group sex, she climbs onto the other’s cock and gives him a blow job until he cums all over her face, pecs and biceps.

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Nikki Jackson – Dirty Domme 3 of 3

Female muscle porn star Nikki Jackson smothers and humiliates her slave, posing as she rides him, penetrating herself with a strap-on, and teasing him with her wet pussy and powerful pecs. Watch the dirty female muscle sex in close-up as he licks her clit, then cums all over her big biceps after a hand job and bicep job.

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